monSecret was founded in 2019 and is rooted in New York and Hangzhou.
Meaning “my secret” in French, monSecret attempts to capture the secret yet memorable moments of life.
By using delicate three- dimensional lines to convey emotional temperature, monSecret focuses on physically
and aesthetically representing every “process" that are prone to occur in life.





· Origin — Jewelry

For monSecret, texture, lines and growth in life are full of unlimited energy.
Time flows and nature provides us unending daydream opportunities yet our fast-paced life pushes us to reflect on whether we have missed the beautiful moments from the thousands that pass us by.
To monSecret jewelry is like a camera, recording and capturing time — often accompanying by your side.


· Growth — more than just jewelry

In 2022, monSecret has added household products to their collection, reinforcing and highlighting their iconic interpretation of materials. These products include a new series of accessories, vases, and more to accentuate distinct moments of our lives. Since then, monSecret has officially become a brand that simultaneously integrates fashion with lifestyle that continues to heighten inspiration.