We inspired from nature, so the "feedback to nature" continues to permeate every part of monSecrect
"Sustainability" is an important issue for us




We incorporate the memory of every moment of life into
our design
Create pieces that will stay with each guest for a long time
Because the low depreciation rate of long-term use of
goods itself is also a kind of environmental protection
We want every guest to feel this sense of mission.




MonSecret insists on using high quality natural
raw materials
And testing of pure metal materials with no
harmful substances
All the production of waste are classifified
recycling, dissolved use






MonSecret uses 3D printing technology in the proofifing process

Reduce carbon emissions and excess metal waste generated by traditional proofifing.


MonSecret uses only paper certifified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
For packaging boxes, brochures and after-sales service cards.


Against forced labor and protect labor interests:
monSecret respects the dedication and persistence of every craftsman
We cooperate with the processing plant as our loyal partner
after strict investigation
And ensure that craftsmen enjoy reasonable hourly wages
and good working conditions.