VALUE - Nature


Our inspiration comes from nature, so our rendition of it both aesthetically and physically permeates every part  of monSecrect continuously. Sustainability is also an important issue we seriously take into account.

Brand Concept

We hope to incorporate memories of milestone moments into our design and work. We create pieces intended to accompany each client for a long time. We support and encourage long-term use of our products, it’s environmentally friendly in itself.


Raw Materials

monSecret is committed to using high-quality natural raw materials, as well as testing non-hazardous metal and recycled silver.

Brand Packaging

monSecrect only uses paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for box packaging, brochures and post-purchase customer service cards.

Product Technology

We use innovative 3D print technology to avoid and reduce carbon emission, in addition to excess metal waste generated by traditional proofing.

Opposing Forced Labor (Safeguarding Labor Interests)

monSecret respects the dedication and work of every craftsman and craftswoman. We choose manufacturers based on a thorough and rigorous investigation to ensure reasonable hourly wages and a healthy working environment.