"Nature" and "Self"

The only thing that is unchanging in nature is actually, its rapid change. Every spur of a "moment" is like an unending source of inspiration which we should seize.

As we’ve become natural listeners and accustomed to recording these "naturally occurring works” in society,our designs and creations aim to represent these real-life trajectories via jewelry and artwork in hopes thateveryone embraces their present and the moments being made.

While we record nature within our collections, we also aim to accentuate the re-creation of ourselves by nature.This diversity and uncertainty is ultimately an expression of "self".

By connecting these, we’re inspired to create unique items that our clients feel identified with. This has become the brand mission of monSecret.

“Comfortable Wear" and “Organic Chic"

We believe that a piece of jewelry from design to production to finally deliver to buyer's hands — highlights the very arduous yet rewarding process of a chain of moments. The piece is finally completed at the moment of personal wearing.

Therefore, creating comfort jewelry pieces has become one of our strong pursuits.

The "ORGANIC CHIC" style derives from this, it integrates natural and original ecological materials into the work. This ultimately creates a connection between nature and our clients.

When wearing a piece it’s not just a physical experience but an opportunity to rejoice in the present — making this everlasting moment complete.

Every delicately crafted monSecret jewelry becomes meaningful and personal as it is experienced, touched, and worn by every owner.